CAPE TOWN- The implementation of the national minimum wage on 1 May is in jeopardy, after MPs raised concerns over the process to introduce the necessary legislation after some MP’s claimed the process is being rushed.

On Thursday public hearings begun in Parliament, with a indication that the public input may be extended, further signs that the May 1st deadline may be in jeopardy.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced in his SONA address in February that the minimum hourly wage of R20 will come into effect in May, but the Democratic Alliance (DA) says this tight deadline is undermining the comprehensive and necessary parliamentary processes.

Rampahosa then deputy president finalized a deal with Nedlac in February 2017 to introduce a national minimum wage.

Parliament is only now considering the public’s input on the bill, only then it can be implemented after the feedback.

Sharome van Schalkwyk, Chairperson of Parliament’s Labour Committee said the bill will only be ready to be introduced into the national assembly after they go into recess next week.

DA MP Michael Bagraim says the process is being rushed,

“We’re just going through the motions to endorse the bill as it stands. Whatever submissions we get, well that would be lovely. We’re just going through those motions and submissions.”

MPs will only return after their recess in mid April, the bill will still need to be considered by the National Council of Provinces before it is enacted in law.

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