MP’s say land hearings are taking a toll

CAPE TOWN- Parliament land hearings are taking a toll on Members of Parliament who have been working non-stop for more than 10 days.

The chairperson of Parliament’s joint constitutional review committee Vincent Smith said MPs are tired and it is understandable.

The committee is currently conducting public hearings of the land issue of expropriation without compensation and if the constitution should change to expropriate land without compensation.

He said the committee planned to deal with around 300 people per venue but now they have to work with more than 800 people.

Smith says the committee underestimated the interest the land issue will draw in.

He said, “I think people are tired. But fortunately, this is good for us before we go to Rustenburg and other places in the Eastern Cape. Hopefully, this will allow us to recharge.”

Smith added that the committee is so far pleased with the contributions made during the hearings, as they now prepare to go to the Free State and North West provinces.

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