Mugabe agrees to step down

HARARE – The Zimbabwean President, Comrade Robert Mugabe has allegedly agreed to step down as the head of state but says can only do so on his own terms.

Although no deal has been made yet, The Zimbabwean military says it has made significant progress in its operations to eliminate criminals sounding the world’ oldest ruler.

Sources say president Robert Mugabe has agreed to step down next year, but the military wants him to step down now for the sake of all Zimbabweans.

Political analysts are also backing the military saying the oldest ruler has failed Zimbabweans dismally from the first day he stepped into office 37 years ago, and there is nothing that he can do now but to step down immediately.

On Thursday, Mugabe met with the generals who have seized the control of the country as well as envoys from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) regional bloc to negotiate a peaceful passage for the oldest leader and his family.

Sources present at the meeting confirmed that Mugabe agreed to step down, but not now.

The military on the other hand has promised to escalate its operations if the president fails to cooperate, saying they are not power hungry but doing it to emancipate the plight of all Zimbabweans who have had enough suffering under his leadership.

Zimbabweans and the whole world at large were left perplexed yesterday after a smiling Mugabe was pictured shaking hands with the man behind the coup, Zimbabwe’s military chief Constantino Chiwenga, raising questions about whether or not the end of an era was near.

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