Mugabe, Angry and Bitter over ousting, Mnangagwa ‘must apologise’

HARARE- Former president Robert Mugabe is ‘angry and bitter’ over his ousting last year, he has demanded that new president Emmerson Mnangagwa and his allies apologise for last year’s military operation that left him out of power.

The comments were made at a private party held for him on Saturday at his Harare mansion to celebrate his 94th birthday.

The Standard Newspaper has quoted Mugabe saying to the guests and former cabinet ministers, he said,

“They must accept and apologize that what they did was wrong,”

Mugabe also revealed that Zanu-Pf still wants him to help them with the upcoming elections but was hesitant, “Can they be trusted again? Can our people vote for such a Zanu-PF, a Zanu-PF which shredded the constitution? I don’t know, ” he said.

Prominent newspaper publisher Trevor Ncube said on Twitter: “In his speech at this 94th birthday celebrations Robert Mugabe sounds like he will start an opposition political party. Anger and bitterness have overtaken him.”

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