Mugabe, Grace saved my life, says ex-minister… as he posts pics of BLOOD STAINED tiles

HARARE – A top ally of Grace Mugabe, Jonathan Moyo has thanked the former first lady and Robert Mugabe for saving his life during last month’s military takeover. In a tweet to his 236 000 followers, he said: “Special thanks to President Mugabe and Amai Dr Mugabe for saving us when the junta tried to kill us on November 15.”

It is reported that soldiers forced their way into Moyo’s home during the early hours of November 15. Moyo was one of Grace Mugabe’s allies targeted by troops in an operation that led to President Mugabe stepping down. He was minister of higher education at the time and a very vocal member of Grace Mugabe’s G40 faction.

Previously Moyo had claimed that soldiers and SAS snipers used semi-automatic weapons and stun grenades to attack his family. He posted pictures of blood-stained tiles though there has been no confirmation of injuries.

The head of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Philip Sibanda, said in a statement on Monday that several former members of the G4O faction “are now bad-mouthing the country from foreign lands where their intentions to harm the peace and tranquillity that exist in our country have been pronounced.”

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