Mugabe’s stepson facing eviction over rent arrears

HARARE- Former president Robert Mugabe socialite stepson is facing eviction from a property owner over rental arrears that date back three years court documents seen by the media on Wednesday.

Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council property owners applied to the High Court to evict Russell Goreraza in the posh suburb in Harare in Highlands and want to recover nearly US $ 66 000 in rent.

Goreraza is a young businessman with a reputation for his parties, luxury cars and is the son of Grace’s Mugabe first son from a previous marriage.

Property owners filed papers through their lawyers Dube Manikai and Hwacha said, “The claim is for the eviction of the defendant (Goreraza) and all those claiming occupation through him and payment of the sum of US$65,801 being arrear rentals payable between the parties,” the property owners said in papers filed by their lawyers Dube Manikai and Hwacha.

“In breach of terms of agreement, the defendant failed to pay rentals from March 2015 to March 2018.”

“Despite demands, the defendant failed to, refused or neglected to pay the arrears rentals,” said the organisation.

It is unclear why the house was leased out to Mugabe’s stepson and Grace’s other two sons with Robert have also made a reputation of having a lavish lifestyle and partying in high end clubs in Harare and in South Africa, Sandton.

Photo Credit- The Republic Mail

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