Muslim Students Spread Message of Love Following Recent Attacks

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NEW YORK- Due to recent attacks by Islamic state and other Extremist groups who claim to be doing the work of Islam has tarnished the image of Islam. Attacks over the past few years in Europe and several cities around the world.

People lives seemingly change forever after their families, or friends become victims of extremism.  When leaders express their solidarity and condolences after a attack, the response of Muslims is always subjected to great scrutiny.

Muslims are often scrutinized much more after the attacks, the assumption that Muslims must condemn the attacks is the assumption that they and their religion are somehow responsible for extremism.

Professor Reem al-Atassi and Mashal Mirza and students at Emory University, decided to respond in different way, instead of fulfilling the expectation and response that is defensive of Islam, Al-Atassi and Mirza have responded in a way that was affirmative of our common humanity.

With twelve Muslim students from Emory, they created a video sending their empathy, compassion, and love to those affected by extremism.

Mirza explained, “Muslims often feel like they have to defend themselves and their religion when it comes to ISIS attacks; soon, we become defensive and forget that not only are we Muslims, but we are ​human beings who share this earth with those who suffer from these attacks. Rather than a video condemning these attacks and differentiating the difference between ISIS and Islam, this video is dedicated to wishing for peace in this corrupt world and for vocalizing our thoughts and prayers for these victims.”

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