Mxakaza twins set to return with brand new single

Johannesburg – Former Idols SA contestant twins Anele and Neliswa Mxakaza return with a brand new single. the twins have been laying low since they spoke out against their former pastor, Timothy Omotoso, from the Jesus Dominion International Church.

They return with a new name ‘Amali’- meaning hope- and a brand new single called Take Me Back.

“Our manager, Luyolo Beku, helped us choose the name and to rebrand ourselves,” says Anele.

“We chose the name Amali, meaning hope in Swahili, because we were looking for a fresh start and we wish to be a vessel of hope for other people who feel hopeless and broken,” she added.

“We have decided that this needs to stop and we are taking back our lives and our music careers.” The twins feel they wasted four years in Omotoso’s church. When the song becomes a hit, Amali hopes to collaborate with twins Viggy and Virginia Qwabe.

“We love the twins, we speak with them all the time. Working with them would make an interesting song. We can’t wait,” says Anele.m


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