Mzansi skeptical over Zola 7’s banking details

South Africans who are skeptical that the banking details shared to help Bonginkosi “Zola 7” Dlamini is legit, can rest easy.

This after a Twitter account claiming to be that of Zola, shared a video confirming the banking details to help the legendary musician.

With so many scams being highlighted recently, people are urged to be cautious because the social media account that shared banking details is not verified.

The Twitter account, @Zola claims to be the artist’s official page, and was started in December 2021.

There are posts about Zola’s music on the account. Since visuals of him looking frail were shared, several people enquired about his banking details so they could help him.

This is when the account began interacting with Twitter users, which further fuelled speculation as to the legitimacy of the account and banking details.

“I see I’m trending. For the past few days I’ve been reading what people are posting about me and I must say, I appreciate the love you guys are showing me,” Zola 7 seemingly responded in one tweet.

The banking account are, however, for a business account, Untamed Communications, an artist booking and management company.

The company is reportedly managed by Faith Sikhululiwe, but there is no confirmation that Zola 7 is signed to the company.

Social media users have asked for a video of Zola 7 talking about the banking details.

Zola’s team confirmed the banking details in a video which features the star.

They stressed that no other bank account on social media is associated with Zola.

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