Naak Musiq on being hacked: ‘If I can’t get this account back, it’s been real, bye!’

Since his Twitter account was hacked a few days ago, Naak Musiq has come to the realisation that he might never get it back.

Earlier this week, the muso and many tweeps were left surprised when an unknown man changed Naak Musiq’s profile picture along with the hashtag #YeniProfilResmi.

The hacker’s introduction left tweeps shook and landed Naak’s name on the Twitter trends list.

The hacker seems to be having fun with Naak’s account and his half a million followers.

While he was still working towards retrieving his account, Naak decided to address the situation by releasing an official statement on DJ Tira’s Twitter account.

In the video, Naak confirmed that he was indeed hacked and he was doing his best to get his account back. He did, however, reveal that if he didn’t manage to get it back, he’d rather live a life with no Twitter.

As most of you already know, my Twitter account has been hacked, they tried it on my Facebook and they were successful, they were unsuccessful in hacking my e-mails as well as my Instagram.

“I just want to inform everyone that all the Twitter accounts that are suddenly popping saying they are me, none of it is me. I haven’t started any temporary Twitter accounts to reroute people there.

“I am trying my best to help recover the current [legitimate] one, but if I’m unsuccessful in doing that then, unfortunately, I will probably not go back on Twitter. I think it’s just too much admin to get everything started and try to get people to follow me again.

“So, if I’m unsuccessful in this one, it’s been great.”

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