Naked Lady Arrested at #FeesMustFall Protest at UCT

CAPE TOWN – A naked lady was arrested by the police during a fees must fall protest at the university of Cape Town on Thursday.

After parts of campus were brutally attacked by the students, a woman stripped naked in front of the whole school and enjoyed nudity laying at a pedestrian cross section. Parts of the campus were sealed off by police in riot gear and private security and at least three people were arrested.

Students were called for a campus shutdown until their demands are met, which were a strict request of 0% fee increase for the 2018 academic year.

The students also demand a commission of inquiry into suicides at the institution, a full report on campus security expenses and the scrapping of historical debt.

They also called for the immediate release if the Fees Commission report by President Jacob Zuma.

The vice chancellor of UCT, Max Price, at a media briefing on Thursday said: “There has been a group of 200 students trying to shut down campus since last night.

In spite of the disruption by a small group of students, campus is open. We utterly condemn the protest. There has been a disruption in residence and the catering services.

Protest is utterly unacceptable, especially this time of the year.”

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