It is no secret that President Donald Trump being president of the United States was met with a lot of disapproval from other countries. One is left with little to wonder why this is so after the president threatened North Korea, led by President Jong-Un. President Donald Trump threatened to ‘totally destroy’ the country and continued to insult the president of North Korea by calling him ‘Rocket Man’. President Robert Mugabe, president of Zimbabwe defended North Korea by warning President Donald Trump. He further returned the name calling by calling the United States president ‘Giant Gold Goliath. President Robert Mugabe made it very clear that every country should be able to exist independently with no threats from any country that may be seen as bigger or more powerful.

He also said that there should be no bullying using ‘military might’. He further added that there is no small country, even the small countries based on land are big within their own rights and should never feel threatened. The Zimbabwean president strongly believes in the international laws which state that all nations are equal.

The president further went on to make biblical references of President Donald Trump, comparing his bullying to the return of the Giant Gold Goliath.

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