Namibia’s own gospel preaching lawyer

WINDHOEK- Local lawyer Mbanga Siyomunji’s has been fighting for justice by day and spreading the word of Jesus to inmates in Nambia’s prisons in his free time.

Siyomunji’s describes himself as a people’s person by spending time with his family, his wife and two sons, boys aged four and nine years old.

He said, “I have been happily married for 15 years and my family plays an important role in my life.”

He wishes to keep his family life private, he said, “I feel that I need to do my part to help my fellow countrymen, be it through spreading the gospel or offering my legal expertise. I do pro bono work occasionally, especially when I believe in a person’s case and such persons are not able to afford legal fees or are rejected by legal aid services,” Siyomunji enthused. “I have a great passion for law and I strive to ensure that justice prevails,”

Growing up in Nambia where he completed his high school, went on to the University of Zambia (Unza) to complete his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education in 1998. He says he was an disciplined scholar and never got into trouble at school.

“I always wanted to be a lawyer despite the fact that I studied other disciplines,” Siyomunji says,

“I currently employ one admitted lawyer and two administrative staff in addition to the office manager,”

Discussing the current state of Nambia’s legal system he said he had an issue when a person has to submit a recusal application and then a leave to appeal before the same presiding officer, who is the subject of the application, he said,

“This does not make sense to me, if a presiding officer has pronounced themselves, then let another presiding officer look at the record and make a determination. The current procedure does not sit well with me,”

Siyomunji says he his complete passion for criminal law has made him strive for the best and and advised new lawyers to find a their niche in the market and go with it in full force.

He added, “do not expect to win every case, but with every challenge that you face, put in your best and even if you do not succeed, you will earn the respect of your opponent”.

Photo Credit- Informante

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