National Bus Strike ends- Unions,Employers strike a Deal

CAPE TOWN – The South African Road Passenger Bargaining Council has confirmed an agreement has been reached that will end the nationwide bus strike.

The strike lasted 27 days, and just last week all five unions agreed to a 9% wage increase in the first year and 8% in the second.

However workers were demanding back pay to 1 April.

It has not been made clear to what extent employers have now agreed to that demand but it being reported that employers will pay payback until the 17th of April.

Gary Wilson of the Bargaining Council General Secretary said, “Over the weekend, we’d put the proposal to the employers and unions to consider in order to settle the strike. All parties came back to us and confirmed that they are happy to concede to that proposal that was put on the table.”

Wilson did not give further detail, saying unions would make the announcement.

He added, “The unions will make a formal announcement this evening in terms of when they will be suspending the strike.”

Bus services will resume on Tuesday morning, but they could be limited.

Dyke Better of Golden Arrow’s Bronwen Dyke-Beyer said, “Our knockout will be lifted at midnight. We’re doing everything in our power to ensure that services are restored as quickly as possible, however, due to the short notice, it may not be possible to reach all our staff members.”

The City of Cape Town confirmed the MyCiTi service will operate from Tuesday.

A warning has been issued out that commuters should expect some initial delays.

Photo Credit- East Coast Radio

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