Nestle defends itself after baby milk criticism

ZURICH- Nestle defending itself last week on Thursday, defending itself against an activist group’s criticism of its baby milk, said it respects international marketing standards and does not suggest its products are better than breastmilk.

Changing Markets Foundation reported that the world’s largest package food company of putting their profit and earnings before science.

Nestle released a statement said it complies with the World Health Organization code on marketing breastmilk substitutes and applies its own policy when it is stricter than national legislation.

The statement said, “Nestle ensures that the composition of its formulas is strictly informed by the best available science,” it said.

“Nestle does not use any statements on its infant formula products or in its other communications that idealize its products or imply they are superior to or equivalent to breastmilk,”

Changing Markets Foundation report found that Nestle had many inconsistencies across the board of their baby formula products and cast doubt on the credibility of some of its health claims.

The foundation a Dutch group said they are a foundation that promotes campaigns that address sustainability challenges by trying to shift and change business away from companies that use unsustainable products.


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