Nestle recalls certain Kit Kat products

Johannesburg – Nestle South Africa has announced a voluntary recall of a limited number of Kit Kat products due to the possibility that they may contain glass pieces.

The company said that to date, it had not received any complaints or related injuries.

It said that it was taking the action as a precautionary measure after having discovered the presence of small pieces of glass during its quality and safety checks.

Nestles said that the affected products were produced over a limited period, adding that the voluntary recall covered only products with specific production codes that could be found on the label.

The manufacturer said that consumers should return the affected products to the place where they were bought for a full refund.

The following products have been recalled:

NESTLÉ KIT KAT 2 Finger Milk 36x20g UTZ MB

Product codes: 13590177, 13600177, 13620177, 13630177, 13640177, 20010177, 20100177

Best before dates: 30 September 2022 & 31 October 2022

NESTLÉ KIT KAT Mini Bag Milk 32x200g UTZ

Product codes: 20120177, 20010177, 20020177, 20030177, 13620177, 13600177, 13610177

Best before dates: 30 September 2022 & 31 October 2022

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