New anti-Brexit party launches in Britain

LONDON- A new anti-Brexit party inspired by French president Emmanuel Macron movement En Marche did launch in London on Monday.

Britain is expected to formally leave the EU in thirteenth months and pro EU supports are scrambling to avoid the Unite Kingdom leaving the European Union, in what they call Britain’s biggest mistake since the Second World War.

“A new anti-Brexit centrist political party hold its official launch in London on Monday, one of several initiatives by pro-European Union campaigners drawing hope from a perceived shift in the British public’s opinion and mood of Brexit.”

The party is called Renew party, on its official website the launch happened in central London, “We aim to reverse Brexit and restore our influential position in Europe, allowing us to focus on what really matters in the UK.”

James Torrance, the party’s head of strategy. said, “We intend to be tough on Brexit and tough on the causes of Brexit,”

“We’ll pressure MPs to consider the national interest and put Remain back on the table in a vote on the final EU deal.”

The party is founded by an accountant who was a former journalist and a consultant, plans to contest seats in May local elections and all 650 parliamentary seats if there is a national election announced by the prime minister.

Photo Credit- The Japan Times



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