New testosterone rules would see Semenya finish LAST

CAPE TOWN- According to a report by Sports24, a sport scientist did tell them Caster Semenya could run up too, seven seconds slower under new rules requiring females athletes  lower her natural testosterone levels to race internationally, a prominent sports scientist has predicted.

The rule change announced on Thursday by the world athletics governing body, the IAAF, announcing that a female classification for an athlete with differences of sexual development (or DSDs) have bee n introduced. Such athletes, including Semenya, will have to reduce and then maintain their testosterone levels to no greater than 5nmol/L by November 1, 2018 if they want to compete in events ranging from 400m to a mile.

The IAAF believes these new rule changes will, “preserve fair and meaningful competition in the female classification” explaining that female athletes with high testosterone have an advantage of up to 9% over women with normal levels of testosterone.

The move however has divide the sport fraternity, sport scientist Ross Tucker said the new rules will significantly hamper athletes like Semenya.

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