New Volkswagen Tiguan previewed with sleeker look, screen-centric cabin

Wolfsburg, Germany – The Volkswagen Tiguan is the brand’s best-selling vehicle globally, so it’s not a product that the company can afford to get wrong.

Thankfully, so far it seems Volkswagen is on the right track with its third-generation Tiguan, which is set to hit the streets in 2024.

The carmaker has released the first details about the newcomer, along with pictures of disguised prototypes showing us the exterior and screen-centric cabin.

Boasting a curvier design than the current model, the new Volkswagen Tiguan will be built on the MQB evo platform, which is the latest evolution of its modular architecture.

Unlike the Golf, which won’t be getting a combustion engined replacement, Volkswagen is doing at least one more generation of Tiguan with ICE power, and depending on the market buyers will get to choose from conventional turbocharged petrol and diesel engines, with some mild hybrid options thrown into the mix and a plug-in hybrid.

The latter is said to allow an all-electric range of up to 100km, and DC charging will now be possible.

One thing you won’t find though is a manual gearbox as all models will now sport a DSG transmission operated by a switch on the right of the steering wheel.

The new Volkswagen Tiguan will also be available with a new adaptive chassis control system, said to be the best in its class.

Moving inside we see a brand new display and operating concept with a large central screen measuring up to 15-inches (38cm). VW says it clearly displays important functions such as music, navigation and climate control, and can be customised with quick access menus.

A new rotary ‘driving experience’ control is installed in the centre console and this can be used to change drive mode as well as radio volume and ambient lighting colours.

As for the rest of the cabin, VW is promising high-quality materials as well as newly developed seats and “effective” noise insulation, particularly when the vehicle is ordered with the new “acoustic package”.

Finally, clients can look forward to even more practicality, with the luggage space growing by 33 litres to a total of 648.

Stay tuned for more information on the new Volkswagen Tiguan later this year.

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