JOHANNESBURG- The NFP has called on SAFA boss Danny Jordaan to vacate his office within the next ten days after the Jordaan has been beleaguered with an allegation that he raped Jennifer Ferguson 24 years ago in a Port Elizabeth hotel.

The part said in a statement, “NFP calls for the immediate resignation of Danny Jordan, as we believe that football is one of the sport codes in the country used to attract and encourage many of our youth to become positive contributors of change. Danny Jordan must be given enough time to prove his innocence as an individual, not as SAFA president,”

“Hence, he must vacate the office as a matter of urgency, voluntarily, or we will advise the board to recall him as SAFA president.”

Jordaan has denied the incident took place, and has insisted he is innocent.

Ferguson offered a meditation restorative process of justice last year but Jordaan denied her offer, as he perceived the offer to be looked in negative way by the public, he added, “that there is a cover up away from the glare of public scrutiny”.

Photo Credit- The Citizen

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