NFP calls for review on VAT INCREASE

JOHANNESBURG- The NFP released a media statement calling for a review on the VAT increase, the VAT increase come into effect from the 1st of April from 14% to 15%.

Media Statement:

“NFP calls on the ANC led government to review their decision on VAT increase, as today marks the historical day since 1994 when the democratic government took over, ‘We wish it could have been an April Fools method but unfortunately it is the reality of the ANC NEW DAWN’ say’s Sabelo Sigudu.

This VAT increase marks the New Dawn we have been promised by president of the country, therefore we want to urge people of South Africa to punish the current government in the upcoming elections 2019 for burden they have put on the poor. Why ordinary citizens have to pay for the wrongs done by corrupt ANC officials and their poor management of state funds?

NFP strongly oppose this decision, due to the fact that the VAT increase from 14 % to 15 % will directly have an impact on the 30.4 million of South Africa’s in this country who are living in poverty. NFP is also aware that the majority of black population are still experiencing racial inequalities which is a contributing factor to the problem.

We believe that the ANC led government could have suggested better ways to recover the shortfalls in the budget than to steal and rob the poor. NFP regard this 15% VAT increase as pure looting from the poor.

The approval by communist minister of Transport Dr Blade Nzimande on hikes toll taffies on national roads is a shock and un-communist decision. The expected fuel price increases coming also are a clear indication that the poor will become poorer as long as the ANC is in power. No poor person will benefit on these reckless decisions.

Parastatals like Eskom and SAA which continues to be funded from public purse for mismanagement and corruption are the one’s which were supposed to be punished not people of South Africa.”

Information sourced from NFP official media statement

Photo credit- GoLegal

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