It has been reported that in Nigeria, Lagos 14 people have been contaminated with cholera and have subsequently died. Nigeria is now faced with a growing contamination of cholera. Most of the deceased victims are said to be from Muna Garage, which is a camp for people displaced by the notorious Boko Haram violence. The total number of suspected cholera contamination stands at 186. The contamination is said to have spread from Muna Garage to neighbouring districts. In aids to prevent more cholera related deaths the Nigerian government with local NGOs is working on improving sanitation. Better water purification systems have been put in place. They are also working on installing more latrines in hopes of preventing the spread of this deadly contamination. Muna Garage is faced with this epidemic due to the number of inhabitants that now occupy the place. The number of inhabitants currently stands at approximately 2 million. The Boko Haram terrorising has left approximately 20 000 people dead and 2.6 million with no place to find refuge but in Muna Garage. The displaced people are now faced with the risk of diseases like malaria and of course cholera. Nigeria seeks any assistance from neighouring countries as well residents in the country who can offer any assistance. Should the government not be able to prevent the spread Nigeria could be facing a serious epidemic.

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