Nigerian court blocks bid to reveal Buhari’s medical bill

LAGOS- Judge revealed on Tuesday Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari does not have to reveal the cost of his treatment for an undisclosed illness that incapacitated him for several months.

In 2017, Buhari, 75, spent a large amount of time in hospital and in and out of treatment overseas, but the nature of his illness remains unknown. Buhari said he only needed blood transfusions and tests.

In his absence many speculated whether the tax fitted the bill for his private medical bill and if he was fit enough to hold office.

The request was sent by civil rights group the Advocacy for Societal Rights Advancement and Development Initiative which made a freedom of information request to the Central Bank of Nigeria for information of the costs.

Their request was denied and the advocacy group took CBN and its governor Godwin Emefiele to court.

Judge John Tsoho ruled the Freedom of Information Act provided an exemption for personal information, it is not made publicly available and if the individual has not consented.

He said,”There is no evidence of the president having consented to disclosure of personal information relating to his health and the information is certainly not publicly available,”

“I therefore hold that the information sought by the applicant… is exempt,” he told the Federal High Court in Abuja in a ruling.

“On the whole, the applicants’ suit is not sustained and it is struck out.”

Photo Credit- Reuters

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