No arrest in ‘racial attack’ of star SA athletic Champion

JOHANNESBURG- No arrest have been made in an alleged racial attack of South African athletic champion Thabang Mosiako, as the assault occurred at Potchefstroom, North West last week.

Lieutenant Colonel  Adele Myburgh has said when the incident and attack occurred, statements could not been taken as many of those involved were intoxicated.

Rantso Mokopane a friend of Mosiako who was also involved and attacked, recalled the incident on a Facebook post. He shared that the incident started at a cafe after the attackers swore at the cashier,  “I intervened and asked them to stop swearing at the lady. When I went outside, the group had multiplied and there were about ten rugby-bodied men who started attacking us.”

He recounts how attackers repeatedly bashed Mosiako head, ““There were a lot of them and we did not stand a chance. The two of us fled and the attackers all started kicking Mosiako on the head and body while he was on the ground. I saw one taking his head and repeatedly bashing it against the ground. When they saw the police were coming, they fled, leaving the unconscious athlete on the ground. He was transported to the hospital.”

The star athlete was attacked outside North West University (NWU) campuses. Mokopane strongly believes the attack is racially motivated, as all the attackers are allegedely white,  the attack left Mosiako with severe head trauma.

Mosiako is the current 5000m athletics champion and is a Boston College and Nedbank runner, NWU is probing the incident but it has not been confirmed if the attackers are students of NWU.

Thabang Mosiako pictured in hospital following an attack. Picture:

Photo Credit: EWN Thabang Mosiako pictured in hospital following an attack. Picture:

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