No clarity on whether Comair will resume operations soon

Johannesburg – As passengers scramble to get a refund for their tickets from Comair, there is still no clarity on whether the company will resume operations soon.

Comair suspended its British Airways and Kulula flights earlier this week, citing liquidity problems.

Comair CEO Glen Orsmond said, after the news broke, that the company was suspending flights that talks were underway with investors to turn around the company’s situation.

However, there have been no further details since.

Union Numsa has since met with Comair management but said that it also needed answers about the current situation.

“We asked whether employees would be paid their salaries during the period of the suspension. Unfortunately, management would not confirm yes or no in response to that question. We asked how long the suspension of operations would be in place and they could not say because it depends on whether the funding can be raised by the BRPs.”

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