HARARE- Former president Robert Mugabe reportedly rejected a mini party that the Zanu-pf youth league was going to have on his behalf this week.

The former president who turned 94 years old on the 21 of February, reported by NewsDay that he declined the offer but opted to celebrate privately with his close family members.

The Zanu-Pf youth league hinted that the celebrations were going to be low-key, because in the past the celebrations have been over the top and lavish, with millions spent on a birthday party.

The youth league said, “Since February 21 has been declared a national holiday, we are taking advantage of that day to honour Mugabe. As youths, we will embark on charitable work as well as spend some time with the former president,”

“We want to have a cake and share with him. This, for us, will be a small event unlike previous ones,”.

NewsDay quoted several sources saying Mugabe refused to participate in the small scale event.

A close family friend was quoted as saying, “He wants to be with his family and those who love him genuinely and not those who want to abuse his name for political gains,”

“The family would want to hold the birthday party for our old man, as a private event. But critically, what business does the party have for a man they removed in the manner they did?”

Photo Credit- NPR



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