Nobel laureate launches peace campaign in Liberia

Nigeria’s Nobel Peace Prize winner and peace activist, Leymah Roberta Gbowee, will on Monday launch a campaign against election-related violence.

Liberia is scheduled to hold mid-term senatorial elections in December.

The campaign is set to involve hundreds of young people who will be peace ambassadors, said Gbowee.

“These young people will take the peace message into the streets, into communities, into churches where they will sit their colleagues and talk about the impact that having violence or getting involved with violence will have on their futures,” Gbowee said.

Gbowee urged young people not to paid by rival politicians to propagate violence.

“We definitely need to move away from the infamous $20 (£16), because the $20 has led a lot for our young people who were supposed to be doctors, lawyers, scientists – today they walk in the streets of Monrovia and different parts of Liberia with one leg amputated or one arm amputated. That is what we want to remind these young people,” she said.

The campaign will also encourage voters to ask questions to those seeking elective positions.

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