Ntando Duma apologises after coming under fire for parking in a space for those with disabilities

Actress Ntando Duna says she is deeply sorry after a video of her trying to defend herself against alleged “white old women”, who called her out for parking in a space reserved for drivers with disabilities, left the internet fuming.

It started on Instagram Stories, where The Queen star was seen sitting in her parked car when she was approached by women who asked her to move, as she had parked in a space reserved for people who use wheelchairs.

The said clip is apparently from last year, but made the rounds on social media and went viral on Tuesday.

In the video, a woman can be heard telling Duma that she has parked her car in a spot reserved for people with disabilities, urging her to leave.

But, Duma hit back at the lady, asking how did she know that the star wasn’t disabled herself. The actress then went off at the lady, hurling profanities.

“Your mother is mentally disabled…”

“F*** you and your mother,” she said.

South Africans got hold of the video and were up in arms at the whole ordeal, which landed the actress on the Twitter trends list.

A lot of people thought Duma came off as rude and slammed the way she spoke to the faceless women. They also said the star discriminated against people living with disabilities by parking in the reserved space.

Duma has issued a statement on Twitter, apologising for her behaviour.

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