Ntsiki Mazwai Says “The President’s Keeper” is White Supremist

Johannesburg – The poet is not new to making headlines. Regarding the new Jacques Paul book The President’s Keeper she has stood up for what she believes is accurate.

Ntsiki went wild on Twitter, claiming to be stuck on the first page accusing the author of the book of “white arrogance”.

While most South Africans have been anticipating the arrival of the most wanted book, written by journalist and author Jacques Pauw, while Ntsiki was waiting patiently to state her opinion.

She took to social media on Monday morning Tweeting: “So no… I couldn’t read further than page one of the white arrogance…” She continued “I don’t know how you got past the first page where his delusional mind tells him his computer was stolen by ‘them’… white arrogance”.

The social commentator moved on to calling the whole book “white trash” and criticised all black people who were supporting the new exclusive book.

Ntsiki said that the arrest of President Jacob Zuma would not at all fix the country’s problems but rather arresting all corrupt whites in corporate will however change the lives of South Africans.

The controversial book contains allegations against the president, including the R1 million the president received from tender mogul Roy Moodley. These payments were on a monthly basis and did not at all include the South African Revenue Services for taxes.

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