JOHANNESBURG- The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) is threatening a total shutdown if Eskom doesn’t change and rethink their 0% wage increase offer.

The ailing state owned enterprise has lately been trying to turnaround their financial crisis and part of their strategy is to not raise all staff wages for the entire year.

This strategy has angered unions who have demanded a 15% increase in wages.

Livhuwani Mamburu spokesperson for NUM said they are taking their grievances to political bosses.

“If the CMMA and Eskom board structure does not work, we’ll go to the Minister of Energy Jeff Radebe. If he doesn’t listen to the working class, we will go to the president of the country. If the president doesn’t come up with a solution, there’s going to be a total shutdown.”

Some Johannesburg suburbs have experienced power cut sthe past couple of days, this has risen fears that the national shutdown will cause a blackout but Eskom says that this will not be the case.

Eskom’s spokesperson  Khulu Phasiwe said there should be no concerns.

“We’d like to put it on record that there are no plans by Eskom to implement load shedding. We’ve noted some of the plans by some of the workers within Eskom to go on an industrial action, but we’ve activated our contingency plan to keep the lights on.”

Photo Credit- EWN

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