A 33 year old woman has been found burnt beyond recognition in a family car that is said to have had been taking children to school. The woman was unarmed. It is suspected that she set the car on fire but investigations are still being conducted.

It is suspected that the incident occurred due to a domestic dispute. The 33 year old woman has left her husband and aunt at home and when they noticed she had been gone for too long, decided to find her.

The domestic dispute suspicion is the police’s strongest lead right now due to the growing number of women committing suicide due to domestic disputes. A few weeks prior to this a woman from Chipare Village in Chipinge was found dead in her home. Reports reveal that the woman has poisoned herself.

The husband of the woman, who is in a polygamous marriage revealed that this happened after he harvested some vegetables in her garden for his second wife without the first wife’s consent. This angered the first wife to the point of finding unknown pesticide in her bedroom and consuming it.

Zimbabwe has been reporting a lot of suicide cases that have been due to domestic dispute or can be linked to domestic disputes.

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