Odinga set to respond to Kenyatta’s victory

NAIROBI – Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga has remained silent following the landslide win of his main rival, Uhuru Kenyatta.


Kenyatta won the presidential re-run elections by 98.2%, although only 39% of voters turned out due to an opposition boycott, the electoral commission said.


The electoral commission says the elections where free and fair, despite Odinga, the main rival for Kenyatta boycotting the elections.


Followers of Odinga are curiously waiting for a response from their veteran leader to strategize their next move following the win of Kenyatta, which has inflamed deep ethnic tensions in the country.


Odinga, who has now lost his fourth election to the incumbent Kenyatta, was expected to give his first reaction on Monday night but he has remained silent.


His followers say they won’t do anything until their leader tells them the way forward.


“We are just waiting for Baba (Odinga) to speak before any actions can be taken,” said Desmond Litava, a staunch supporter for the embattled leader.


Political analysts in Kenya believe Odinga wants to hit Kenyatta off-guard by calling his supporters to take to the streets and unleash chaos in cities such as Kisumu and Nairobi.


Although Odinga has remained silent, he has promised to address his followers on Tuesday.

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