Odinga’s parallel presidential ‘inauguration’ postponed

NAIROBI – The National Super Alliance (NASA) says Odinga’s inauguration ceremony, slated for Tuesday has been postponed.

Raila Odinga, main rival to Uhuru Kenyatta was expected to be inaugurated as a parallel president of Kenya on the 12th of December, the day in which Kenya gained its independence back in 1963.

Odinga pulled out of the October 26 presidential re-run elections saying the electoral commission had not made fundamental reforms to make the contest fair.

Kenyatta went on to win the elections by over 98 percent and was sworn-in as president for the second time.

The decision to inaugurate Odinga as the parallel president was made on the day Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn-in as president.

NASA confirmed that extensive internal consultations and engagements have been made leading to the final decision, adding that the decision to put back the swearing-in ceremony and launch of a new People’s Assembly to a later date was made.

NASA authorities say they are very aware of the decision to postpone the swearing-in ceremony and how it will disappoint multitudes of people who were eagerly waiting for this occasion to occur.

In a statement of Sunday, NASA said, “We wish to assure them (Odinga faithfuls) that our resolve has not changed. Specifically, we wish to reiterate that any national dialogue must have electoral justice on the agenda. We are not interested in sharing illegitimate dictatorial power.”

According to Kenya’s attorney general, it is treason (crime punishable by death) to hold an alternative inauguration ceremony in Kenya.

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