Officer stabbed, man shot dead in Cape Town police station

CAPE TOWN- A Cape Town metro officer shot and killed a man at the Mfuleni Police Station on Sunday after the man stabbed him three times.

JP Smith mayoral committee member for safety and security said the officer went to the police station to register a case docket at around 11:30 when the incident occurred.

Smith said, “He turned to speak to the metro police officer, before taking out a knife and stabbing the officer twice in the chest and once in his left arm.”

Smith added that the two people involved in the incident sustained several injuries all the way to their feet, as a result of  ricocheting bullets.

“The officer retaliated by discharging three rounds from his service pistol, fatally wounding the suspect. Two other civilians sustained wounds.”

“The metro police officer was treated at [the] Bellville Melomed Hospital and will receive counselling,” he said.

He continued, “One of the two civilians wounded was transported to Tygerberg Hospital for treatment. We wish both a speedy recovery.”

The police are investigating the incident and Smith said the city will fully cooperate with the investigation.

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