Oldest man enjoys sweets, soaking in Japan’s hot springs-AFP REPORT

Masazo Nonaka for many years has enjoyed soaking in northern Japan’s hot springs.

The supercentenarian whose family has run a hot springs inn for four generations was certified on Tuesday as the world’s oldest living man at age 112 years and 259 days.

Nonaka received the certificate on Tuesday from Guinness World Records in a ceremony at home in Ashoro on Japan’s northern main island of Hokkaido.

Born on July 25, 1905, he grew up in a large family and succeeded his parents running the inn now run by his granddaughter. He regularly soaks in the springs and enjoys eating sweets.


He has outlived his wife and two of their five children.

Guinness says Nonaka replaced Francisco Olivera of Spain, who died earlier this year at 113.

Article sourced from AFP, appeared on News24

Photo Credit- pipelinenews.ca and deccanherarld.com


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