JOHANNESBURG- The South African government has called for people not to land grab, but several land grabbers in Olievenhoutbosch have told Eyewitness News they decided to occupy vacant areas because they have lost patience with government.

Many parts in Gauteng including areas such as Blue Hills in Midrand and Olievenhoutbosch in Centurion have seen land invasions after Parliament’s decided to adopt a motion to review the Constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation.

The EFF remains unapologetic about telling their members or black South Africans to occupy vacant land.

Law and enforcement has managed to halt and stop land grabs in Olievenhoutbosch, but other members in the community said they will still attempt to take back the land.

“We were supposed to occupy this land in February. February they said July, July they said December. December, they said now, we’re occupying now.”

One man did recoginse what the government has done in providing land to some but the current plan he said, ‘This plan is too slow, it’s too slow for me.”

The EFF is expecting to meet the community on Friday, where they are expected to advise their members what they should do about land grabs.

Photo Credit- The Citzen


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