Oscar 2018 Ratings the Lowest Ever

NEW YORK- The Oscars 2018 ratings recorded their lowest ever viewership, as Hollywood’s biggest night fall flat with a record-low viewership of 26.5 million people.

Ratings company, Nielsen Company said the 20% drop from 33 million record last year is often linked to the high profile nominees and box office successful movies, but this year the best picture award went to The Shape Water which only grossed $57.4m in the United States.

This is the first time ever the award show has a viewership of less than 30 million people. Nielsen records go far back as 1974 in collecting this data.

The awards were in the past the most watched program of the year after the Super Bowl but this year the opening Winter games ceremony in Pyeongchang reached 27.8 million viewers.

The highest recent Oscar numbers was in 2014 which registered 44 million viewers. The largest ever ratings was in 1998 when Titanic won best picture. The Oscars are still the highest rated award show after the Golden Globes only registered 19 million viewers.

Photo Credit- indy100


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