Pastor hangs himself in church

A popular  popular Bishop of The NO1 Apostolic Church of Christ in Zion Moses Ncimbi, whose wisdom was broadcast on radio and BTV to provide guidance and support to many, however had no one to turn to when trouble came knocking at his door.

On Tuesday morning, just two days after his wife left their the matrimonial home, the troubled man decided to take his life.

The pastor hanged himself in his church building Mogoditshane, the news has shocked his congregation and the Tsolamosese and Mogoditsane community.

Family members found his body hanging from the church in the early hours of Tuesday morning, the family said they knew Ncimbi had a misunderstanding with his wife.

He allegedly said before his death, ‘ke lapisitswe ke dilo tsa lwapa le’ (I am exhausted by issues of this house).

His son Lesego Kealeboga Ncimbi said, “ The elders had a meeting with him and my stepmother, which I was not part of. After the meeting I asked him what was troubling him and he assured me he was going to be fine. On Tuesday morning I received a call again from my brother, this time around telling me to urgently come home. I found a lot of people in the yard and the police were there too. I was told my father had committed suicide,” said 26-year-old Lesego who went on to describe Ncimbi as a kind, loving and caring father.

Pastor hangs himself in church

“ He has left a huge gaping hole in our lives. What hurts me the most is that he was always ready to be there for other people and yet there was not even a single person to pull him from the edge during his time of need,” Lesego lamented.

Lesogo also lost his mother at the age of two years old, he said, “Life is going to be difficult for us as orphans but I will just accept God’s will.”

The president of  the organisation of African Instituted Churches (OAIC) where Ncimbi’s church was affiliated Tebogo Phillimon Motlhagodi said,

“Pastors are also human beings so they should seek proper counseling when they have problems.”

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