Pauw ordered to remove book from shelves

JOHANNESBURG – Author of ‘The President’s Keepers’ Jacques Pauw has received a “cease and desist” letter from the State Security Agency to remove his book from the shelves.

The book, which was launched last night in Hyde Park, highly critics how president Jacob Zuma has been manipulating state funds to please his selfish endeavours at the expense of all South Africans.

The book is pregnant with allegations against the president as it brings all the corruption and irregularities with his tax affairs amongst other explosive revelations.

Pauw, a veteran investigative journalist says the book is based on actual and valid facts, saying he has crossed checked everything prior to publishing it.

Whilst opposition parties are celebrating the book, the larger fraction of the ANC is not pleased with the book saying it is a fictional book to taint the image of the president.

During the book’s launch on Wednesday night, Pauw made an announcement that he has been ordered to remove the book within two days or face court action.

Speaking in a Radio 702 interview this morning, Pauw said he has received a letter that threatens him to remove the book or else he is liable to prosecution.

According to Pauw, president Zuma and the State Security Agency has been plundering state funds to further their own interests only.

“A billion rand of your money was spent on a project that produced absolutely nothing,” he said, adding that the State Security Agency is a black hole where public funds are used fraudulently.

“Where do you think hundreds of millions of rands is going? It’s probably going to support certain factions in the ANC,” he added.

A mysterious power-cut during the launch forced the book launch to be shortened.

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