PAY BACK THE MONEY- Only $250 million returned to Zim in post-Mugabe amnesty

HARARE- President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said only $250 million has been returned to Zimbabwe under an amnesty granted to those who transferred money out of the country illegally for years.

The money that has been given back is reportedly only a small amount of the total figure of $1.3 billion.The authorities l have said the money was taken out during the rule of long serving leader Robert Mugabe, who was forced to step down last November.

Mnangagwa has said in a statement that offenders were given three months from December 1 to return money with no questions asked. But only 105 have complied with the amnesty.

Its only a fraction of the 1 166 cases the authorities know about, the statement said.

Those who have not complied with the amnesty have now be given an extra two weeks to do so.

Mnangagwa added, “The Reserve Bank has requested for additional time to validate and finalise the Amnesty process before Government proceeds to name and shame those who did not take heed of the Amnesty and proceed to take legal action against such cases.”

The president has warned that those who do not comply with the amnesty will have their names released to the public by March 19.

Photo Credit- BulawayoTimes

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