Peru jail twin who switched with brother is recaptured

Lima- Police authorities have recaptured a prisoner who used his twin brother to escape from prison in north Lima, the prisoner was sentenced for robbery and child sexual abuse, already serving more than a year of his sentence.

Alexander Delgado had been serving a 16-year sentence for child sexual abuse and robbery in a prison north of Lima.

The twin brother Giancarlo was visiting his brother in prison in January 2017,  it is claimed Alex drugged him, changed into his clothes and walked out the jail.

Alexander Delgado had been on the run for 13 months, was arrested on Monday at port city of Callao, after a reward was offered by the Ministry of Interior if any member of the public offered any type of information to lead to his capture.

Delagdo is now expected to be moved into maximum security prison in the southern highlands.

His brother Giancarlo was arrested and investigated on suspicion of having collaborated with his twin, but he has now been released and not charged.

Delago asked by local media the reason for escaping he said, “”because I was desperate to see my mother.”

Photo Credit- BBC


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