Phosa blames Mabuza for violent acts

JOHANNESBURG – Presidential hopeful Matthews Phosa has condemned the violence that has been displayed by supporters of Mpumalanga ANC chairperson David Mabuza in recent months.

According to Phosa, Mabuza is linked to a chilling video where ANC members are firing guns recklessly in a crowded area.

“It is disturbing to note that Mabuza’s men are behind such recklessness, you cannot get bullets blazing in the air when there are people including children nearby. This cannot be tolerated for a big party like ANC,” said the aggrieved Phosa.

Phosa said Mabuza’s supporters have been disrupting all general meetings of branches that are not sympathetic with Mabuza’s unity campaign, adding that he will be filing an urgent court application.

“They have been disrupting the general meetings that do not support Mabuza’s unity campaign in a violent manner, and I will be filing an urgent court application to nullify the province’s nomination process,” he added.

The video shows a man in black coat reaching into his pocket and two other individuals following suit before firing multiple shots in the air.

“That video was shot after some of the branch general meetings recently, and they are used to doing this and intimidating people” says Phosa.

Phosa is very adamant that the men in the video are not only ANC members but Mabuza’s private army.

Asked for comment, Mabuza dismissed all allegations saying Phosa’s claims are a desperate measure to get elected.


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