Phosa pushes for PGC re-run

JOHANNESBURG – ANC Presidential hopeful Mathews Phosa has taken legal action in challenging the outcome of Mpumalanga’s Provincial General Council (PGC).

Court papers were filed in the North Gauteng High Court last week Thursday and the case is expected to be heard today.

Phosa claims David Mabuza harassed and intimidated people present during the proceedings of the PGC at the Mpumalanga ANC provincial conference.

Adding that Mabuza and his allies have been disrupting branch general meetings that do not support Mabuza’s initiative to elect a unity presidential candidate.

According to Phosa, Mabuza is connected to a chilling video where ANC members are seeing firing guns recklessly in a crowded area to intimidate anyone who is against him.

After the province chose Mabuza as its preferred candidate, Phosa was not silent in exposing how corrupt Mabuza is, adding that the Mpumalanga party chairman has a personal militia.

Phosa says people had to vote for the unity candidate because they were fearing for their lives, and he wants the results declared null and void.

The Mpumalanga Provincial Executive Committee has slammed Phosa’s claims, saying there is no evidence to his allegations.

The ANC’s much-anticipated national elective conference will kick off in just four days time from now.


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