EUROPE- The continent is experiencing a deadly winter storm, as blizzards and heavy snowfall has closed road rail services and schools and forced the cancellations of hundreds of flights.

The number of the winter storm death toll stands at as many as 55 people, with 21 victims in Poland,.

The World Health Organisation has sent out a warning that the poor, the homeless and migrants would be hardest hit by the freezing temperatures.

WHO said in a statement.”Those most at risk of cold-related illness include elderly people, children, and people who have chronic diseases or physical or mental limitations.”

Around Europe they have nicknamed the storm to¬†“the Beast from the East”, the Dutch call it the “Siberian bear” and Swedish the “snow cannon”.

People walk through Chinatown in London, Wednesday Feb. 28, 2018. Britain, which is experiencing a heavy snowfall this week.

Plaza del Castillo square covered with snow, in Pamplona northern Spain. Authorities have predicted more snowfall in the Northern parts of Spain.

South west England near Land’s End, people pushing a car through the storm.

A snowboarder takes the opportunity to ride his snowboard in the snow, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Larbert, Scotland, heavy snow as a man walks through the freezing conditions, as the heavy snowfall has disrupted train and road services.

Seafront railings at Penzance in south west England, Thursday March 1, 2018.

Leaning Tower of Pisa and its cathedral in Piazza dei Miracoli square, during a snowfall, in Pisa, Italy.

Duomo of Milan after snowfall on March 1, 2018.

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