Plague outbreak causes mayhem in Madagascar

ANTANANARIVO – Residents in Antananarivo have flooded local pharmacies to buy protection masks and antibiotics against a plague outbreak that has already claimed six lives within a few days.

Residents are blaming the government and health departments for failing to effectively report about the disease.

Concerned residents claim the Ministry of Health is doing little about the situation as pharmacies have run out of stock.

“I have been queuing the whole day only to be told that masks and antibiotics are finished, I have to look for another pharmacy,” said one concerned resident.

Prime Minister Olivier Mahafaly Solonandrasana says the plague has largely affected large urban areas forcing the government to disperse and ban public gatherings across various cities.

It is reported that the plague is caused by infected rats via flea bites and can easily be transmitted from one person to the other.

The plague is believed to kill a healthy human being within 18-24 hours if left untreated.

It is reported that authorities in Madagascar are doing everything in their power to keep the public as calm as possible.

Efforts to spray insecticides in affected areas are underway to destroy flies and rates that carry the disease.

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