Police arrest 30 undocumented foreigners in raid

JOHANNESBURG – At least 30 illegal foreigners have been arrested in the inner city of Johannesburg during a raid at four buildings, each believed to have become a hub for crime.

The operation was led by the City’s Group Forensic and Investigation Services Unit, in conjunction with SAPS, JMPD, EMS and the  Department of Home Affairs.

In a statement on Friday, the City of Joburg confirmed that among the 30 people arrested, one individual was arrested for illegal possession of drugs.

Police say they have received a number of cases of people getting mugged every time they pass past these buildings, adding that people are now fearing for their lives because of these criminals.

It reported over 165 buildings in the inner city of Johannesburg have been hijacked and turned into a nightmare, as the realities of overcrowding, frenzied noise levels, pets, crime within the apartment blocks and on the streets, filth and the general neglect has become the order of the day.

Johannesburg mayor Herman Mashaba has vowed to clean up the city of Johannesburg and remove all unlawful occupants in the buildings that have been turned into crime hotspots.

“The City will not leave any stone unturned when dealing with criminal activities within its area of jurisdiction and we will continue to intensify the raids at these bad and hijacked properties with the assistance of Saps and other law enforcement agencies,” Mashaba said.

Police confirmed that two building hijacking Kingpins were arrested and sentenced to an effective 8 and 15-year imprisonment.

Mashaba also confirmed that at least 11 buildings have been retained and returned back to their rightful owners.

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