Police Attacked By Suspected Drug Dealers

Vanderbijlpark – Six police officers have been attacked and injured during a raid at a suspected drug den in Vanderbijlpark on Tuesday.

The Gauteng police spokesperson Kay Makhubele reported that a group of men attacked a team of 6 police officers and they were taken to hospital.

The suspects were Nigerian nationals and they were reported to have forced the police to use lethal force in an attempt to disperse the angry crowd. Makhubele also said that they found a dead body in the house.

“When police arrived, it was found that there was a body. People took the body and put it on the bonnet of a police vehicle.”

Although no arrests have been made as yet, a case of murder and attempted murder is being investigated.

The police are still in the running towards finding the suspected drug dealers and making more investigations concerning the cases that built around the whole raid.

All of the police officers reported to have been injured are stable in the hospital and some have been sent home due to the positive of their health.

Makhubele says police are monitoring the situation. He also insisted that tensions have now subsided in the neighbourhood.

Residents are urged to keep safe from any of the next possible rids as the suspected drug den is still under investigation.

Image courtesy of Buzz South Africa

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