CAPE TOWN- Police have said that they will prioritizing the Malmesbury attack that killed three people.

National Police commissioner Khehla Sithole gave an update and said that the Parliaments police committee believes the attack is understood to have happened when two people where stabbed to death and the police had a standoff with suspect and was killed at scene.

Sithole said: “Of the two deceased who was attacked and killed, one is a Somalian. The attacker is also a Somalian. On the intelligence side, they’re still on the scene.”

Members of the police bomb squad inspect the body of the man who killed two men at a mosque in Malmesbury‚ in the Western Cape‚ on June 14 2018.

STATEMENT: South African Jewish Board of Deputies on behalf of the Cape Jewish community

“The Cape SA Jewish Board of Deputies and Jewish community condemn the heinous act of violence that took place in the Malmesbury mosque this morning. There can be no justification whatsoever for the loss of life at a place of worship, in this manner. We pray for the two victims and their families, and call on all communities to redouble efforts to defeat the evils of hate for good. Mosques, churches, temples, synagogues and all places of worship are sacrosanct and must be places of safety.”

A cleric told Zainab the stranger had attacked the men as they slept. Bassa’s 72-year-old father‚ Ismail‚ was observing i’tikaaf (night prayers during the last 10 days of Ramadaan) with two clerics and another man.

He said, “Apparently the guy came here and he was in a different kind of state. He wasn’t drunk or anything but he was apparently out of his mind in a certain sense‚”

“He claimed that he was just looking for shelter because he wanted to get a lift to Vredenburg the next morning.”

Faizal when he heard frantic knocking at their door of their house,  said he was woken up by his mother  and said a stranger had attacker the me as they slept,  “I rushed to my children’s room‚ I got them up and they phoned the cops immediately‚ and they rushed to the masjied with some heavy equipment — sticks and all that — and they tried to keep the guy inside the mosque so that he cannot escape‚”

Photo Credit- Essa Alexander


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