Police investigators have made progress in Moti brothers’ kidnapping case, says Cele

Johannesburg – Police Minister Bheki Cele said that despite the kidnapping of the four young Polokwane brothers being a “difficult case”, investigators had made progress.

The kidnapping case came to light and gained much attention when desperate pleas were made on social media platforms after the four brothers were snatched last Wednesday by seven gunmen.

Despite a public outcry for their safe return, there’s been no breakthrough or demand for ransom from their wealthy family.

Cele said there was a multi-approach team, including the Social Development Department and others, to deal with the Moti brothers’ case. He also said that a lot of technological resources had been put in place from the police headquarters to solve the crime.

“It’s a difficult case, but no doubt we have made progress. There are follow-ups on matters. Up to this point, we are hopeful that the police will crack the case,” said Cele.

The siblings were kidnapped by a group of unknown gunmen on their way to school.

Cele said that he was hopeful the police would crack the case.


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