Police officers shouted ‘gun’ before shooting unarmed black man

SACRAMENTO- Two officers yelled for a suspect to show his hands then shouted “gun, gun, gun” moments before fatally shooting the man who turned out to be unarmed, audio from body camera footage released on Wednesday by Sacramento police shows.

Video footage from the body cameras and an overhead helicopter does not give a clear indication of what the man, who was only holding a cellphone, was doing in the moments before the police fired on Sunday night.

The shooting took place at his grandparent’s home in the backyard where he was staying.

After the shooting the police did not find a gun at the scene.

The man who was shot  was a black man, the Sacramento Police department said he was seen breaking into at least three vehicles and the last into the neighbour’s home.

The break in’s were first reported after 911 call was released by the police.

The police were called in and used a helicopter, and footage from the police shows the man breaking into the sliding doors of a neighbour’s home before he jumped over the fence.

The helicopter video does not show the man breaking into the neighbours home, the video starts when the man is running through a backyard, he then climbs over a fence into a neighbour’s property. It shows him looking into a truck in the driveway.

A policeman is heard shooting, “Show me your hands – gun!” according to his body camera.

Another officer is heard saying, “Gun, gun, gun,” before they begin shooting.

Photo Credit- WLOS

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